Orthonumbers is a new app in Google play and iTunes for acces to all the important numbers in orthopaedics in one place.
For Android devices You can try this at https://play.google.com/store/search?q=orthonumbers A full version is also now available at the same link.
For Apple devices an itunes app is available as Free and Full versions.
Free version at - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/orthonumbers-basic-free/id957617045?mt=8
Full version at - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/orthonumbers-basic-full/id958275137?mt=8

We are pleasedto inform that a new sections (in the Menu Tabs) is added showing list of iPad/iPhone and Android apps in the iTunes store and Google Play. They are best opened through your mobile device for directly installing into your device. If you know any resources or ipad/iphone apps or Android apps that you like to post, write to us at sri.kambhampati@gmail.com to gain access. The resources section is purely contributed by generous, interested members.

Orthopaedic Meetings

If you would like to register a meeting in the webpages, please enter the details in the link under "Orthopaedic meetings submission form " tab.
You can Bookmark your favourite meetings, journals and companies, get to them faster and organise lists of your own.

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You can now access the pages directly using easy to remember webaddresses.
www.orthomeetings.kambhampati.net for orthopaedic meetings page

www.orthojournals.kambhampati.net for orthopaedic journals page

www.orthocompanies.kambhampati.net for orthopaedic companies page and

www.orthoassociations.kambhampati.net for the home page

www.orthoreferences.kambhampati.net for orthopaedic references

I hope you are finding the site very useful after using features like sort and search. We now have a very useful feature - the Calendar of meetings. You need to log in to see the full feature in action! See the new Orthopaedic references. Please do not post anything other than the related content on these pages. We aim to keep this purely orthopaedic and such content will be deleted.

If you would like to submit a meeting or take charge of updating a particular meeting, just login to the site and post the details in the given form or email me details of meeting at sri.kambhampati@gmail.com . I can give you access to the meeting submission form so that you could post details of meeting you conduct and important info about the meeting for visitors of this site to see.

Your meeting will feature as one of the core meetings.