Orthopaedic Companies

Title Company Website
AAP Implantate AAP Implantate
Aastrom Biosciences Aastrom Biosciences
Acumed Acumed
Aetrex Worldwide Inc. Aetrex Worldwide Inc.
Alimed Inc Alimed Inc
Allegro Medical Allegro Medical
Alphatech spine Alphatech spine
Amedica Corp Amedica Corp
Anetic Aid Anetic Aid
Anspach Anspach
ApaTech ApaTech
Applied Spine Applied Spine
Arthrex Inc. Arthrex Inc.
Arthrocare Arthrocare
Arthrosurface Arthrosurface
Artimplant Artimplant
Ascendx Ascendx
Ascension Orthopaedics Inc. Ascension Orthopaedics Inc.
Axiom Worldwide Axiom Worldwide
Bio skin bracing Bio skin bracing
Biomedical enterprises Inc. Biomedical enterprises Inc.
Biomet Biomet
Biomet sports medicine Biomet sports medicine
Biomet Trauma Biomet Trauma
Biomimetic Therapeutics Biomimetic Therapeutics
Biopro Inc. Biopro Inc.
Biorad Medisys Biorad Medisys
Bone support Bone support
Carbofix orthopaedics Carbofix orthopaedics
Cardo Medical Cardo Medical
Carticept Medical Inc. Carticept Medical Inc.
Codon Codon
Comis Comis
Conformis Conformis
Convatec - dressings Convatec
Corin Corin
Depuy Depuy
Disc Motion Technology Disc Motion Technology
DJO Inc. DJO Inc.
Donjoy Donjoy
Esaote Esaote
Eschmann Eschmann
Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson)
Exactech Exactech
Extremity medical Extremity medical
Facet Solutions Facet Solutions
Footmaxx Footmaxx
Global Orthopaedic technology Global Orthopaedic technology
Globus medical Globus medical
Greatbatch Medical Greatbatch Medical
Hapad Hapad
Heraeus Heraeus
Huntleigh Huntleigh
Inion Inion
Innomed Innomed
Innstratek Inc. Innstratek Inc.
Integra Integra
Integra Lifesciences Integra Lifesciences
Integra spine Integra spine
Joint restoration foundation Joint restoration foundation
Keeler Keeler
KFx Medical KFx Medical
Kinamed Inc. Kinamed Inc.
Kinetic Concepts Inc. (KCI) Kinetic Concepts Inc. (KCI)
Kinneir Dufort Kinneir Dufort
LDR holding LDR holding
Life spine Life spine
Linvatec (Conmed) Linvatec (Conmed)
LPE medical LPE medical
Mazor Robotics Mazor Robotics
Med Spec (ASO) Med Spec (ASO)
Medi UK Medi UK
Medicrea International Medicrea International
Medtronic Medtronic
Medtronic spinal and biologic Medtronic spinal and biologic
Merete Medical Inc. Merete Medical Inc.
Microaire surgical instruments Microaire surgical instruments
Mitek Mitek
MMI Memometal Inc. MMI Memometal Inc.
Moximed Moximed
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF)
Neoligaments Neoligaments
Newgel Newgel
Nextremity Solutions Nextremity Solutions
Nexxt spine Nexxt spine
Nikid Nikid
NorthStar NorthStar
Novabone Novabone
Nutek Orthopaedics Nutek Orthopaedics
Nuvasive Nuvasive
Nuvasive Nuvasive
Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Olympus Terumo Biomaterials
Omni Lifescience Omni Lifescience
Orthmed Orthmed
Ortho development Ortho development