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www.orthoassociations.com - The older version of the website with details of meetings, journals and companies which has been upgraded to the new site below.


www.kambhampati.net/Orthoassociations/ - A website with details of Orthopaedic Associations of the world and their meetings, Orthopaedic Journals and Orthopaedic companies all in one place. You can add new meetings that you would like to track.

www.orthomeetings.kambhampati.net  - is the direct link for the meetings page

www.orthojournals.kambhampati.net - is the direct link for the journals page

www.orthocompanies.kambhampati.net - is the direct link for the companies page

Orthopaedic iPhone apps - is a direct link to useful Orthopaedic related iPhone/iPad apps

Orthopaedic Android apps - is a direct link to useful Orthopaedic Android apps


www.kambhampati.net/Orthoreferences/ - A website listing important, useful and classic journal articles especially useful for the postgraduates sitting for exams. You could read the articles and leave personal notes and come back to them for later revision.


www.orthexams.kambhampati.net - a website giving a list of questions for orthopaedic examinations. This list may be expanded by visitors. You can add more questions and form discussion groups discussing topics for exams.


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